Vessel & Super Yacht Security

(Global Armed Vessel & Super Yacht Security Services – Special Super Yacht Port Security Services)
Armed pirates and terrorists endanger vessel transit operations and can cause life-threatening conditions for seafarers & passengers, including brutal violence and hostage taking which can cause pecuniary damage to businesses.
To prevent these kind of trouble, we can give advice and training in the implementation of the right security solutions, achieving worldwide safer vessel transits.
A.S.S.A.L.T. can provide you with rapidly deployable (fire) armed security operators who will secure your vessels, cargo and crew. 
(In combination with Superyacht Security Services our company can provide you with high and low profile Elite Bodyguard Protection).
Based on your needs, our teams can have various compositions and related prices.
Our operators are supported by clear designed Standard Operating Procedures, which  includes:
  • Detailed administrative and operative regulations
  • Daily intelligence report update procedures
  • Check off list of our Safety and Security Environment Policy (Including BMP4)
  • Crew, bridge team and security team drill training instructions
  • Strict Rules for the Use of Force (When using firearms the 100 Series RUF)
  • Guidance During Encountering Pirates, for the bridge team, crew and security operators
  • Contact list of relevant authorities

For vessel security operations in the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean the following kit is mostly used by our operators:

  • Arms from the AK-series
  • Body Armour Level NIJ-IV
  • Helmets Level NIJ-IIIA
  • VHF Radio’s
  • Satellite communication equipment
  • Binoculars
  • Night Vision goggles Gen 2+
  • Trauma kit
Different kits can be used for vessel security operations in other areas and in ports.
In line with national gun laws and respect for vessel routing, our security operators and firearms will embark and disembark in Port and OPL or (partly) via a Floating Armoury.
We provide services to the following country’s around the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean:

Egypt FA in the Red Sea RV position 19 50 N 37 50 E
U.A.E Fujairah OPL
U.A.E. FA in the Golf of Oman RV position 25 09 N 56 42 E
Sri Lanka Colombo Port
Sri Lanka FA near Galle RV position 05 46 N 080 11 E
India All Ports Port
Oman Muscat Port & OPL
Sudan Port Sudan Port & OPL
Kenya Mombasa Port
Tanzania Dar Es Salam Port & OPL
South Africa All ports Port & OPL
Mauritius Port Louis Port & OPL
Seychelles Victoria  (Fishing operations only)

A.S.S.A.L.T. can provide worldwide (fire) armed vessel security services!


  •  On your demand we can deliver almost all high-end defence products, including design & architecture, sales support, logistical support and company management.



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