Road Transport Security

A.S.S.A.L.T. provides a range of services to ensure a WORLDWIDE safe arrival for high value shipments, cargo, media, employees, NGO’s, high net-worth individuals and VIP’s.

Based on a comprehensive risk assessment, our company provide assisance in writing Standard Operating Procedures, which give guidance for drills to all people involved in preventing and responding to incidents in order to be safe when the situation demands it.

Our consultants can give advice and training in amongst other things:

  • Risk assessment
  • Route and venue reconnaissance
  • Vehicle bomb search
  • Vehicle preparation and hardening measures
  • Tactical driving techniques
  • Vehicle escort drills
  • Anti ambush drills
  • Debus/embus drills
  • Formation drills for Personal Escort Sections
  • The usage and handling of security equipment
  • The use of different communication types and procedures for drivers, security staff and command post operators
  • Cooperation with other (governmental) parties
  • Conflict management
  • Specialised military combat tactics and techniques

A.S.S.A.L.T. can perform a full range of security measures, up to and including the provision of (fire) armed security operators transported in armoured vehicles, ready to repel or neutralise hostilities in accordance with per case designed Rules for the Use of Force, providing a safe arrival at the point of destination.

In combination with residence security services our company can provide you with low and high profile Elite Bodyguard Protection.


  •  On your demand we can deliver almost all high-end defence products, including design & architecture, sales support, logistical support and company management.



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