Ransom Negotiation & Hostage Rescue

Hostages find themselves in an extremely dependent and often life-threatening situation and put there hopes on rescue. Our company provides services to expedite their rescue as smoothly as possible and in order to avoid escalation of the situation, we always will try to free hostages without a violent outcome.

Our negotiations are concerning the price and payment conditions and are always deployed to monitor and improve the hostages’ situation during all times.
Ransom negotiations will take time and this can worsen the situation. If the situation becomes too threatening to the hostages, a rescue operation can be considered. In that case we will in consultation with our strategic (governmental) partners develop a strategy which offers the best change for a positive outcome.

When the hostages are localised and all relevant parties have agreed to this strategy, we will arrange necessary authorisations, call in the required equipment and arms and select the best suited operators available, who will be properly instructed and trained in the execution of the assignment.

During all our operations, there will be full back-up support in order to make the operation as safe as possible for all hostages and operators involved.



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