Property Security


These variety of services provide WORLDWIDE protection for properties including residences, embassy’s, hotels, offices, factories, ports, oil & gas installations, construction projects and mineral mines, for critical infrastructures like power plants, pipelines and telecom, as well as, borders, areas, etc.

Our company can carry out practical and real-life penetration tests and risk assesments, analysing all possible weaknesses in the security chain.

Based on a comprehensive risk assessment, our company provide assistance in writing Standard Operating Procedures, which give guidance for drills to all people involved in preventing and responding to incidents in order to be safe when the situation demands it.

Our consultants can give advice and training in amongst other things:

  • Risk assessment
  • Conflict management
  • Construction and employment of tactically situated technical barriers
  • The usage and handling of security equipment
  • Creation and utilisation of control rooms
  • Construction and employment of citadels/panic rooms
  • General guard duties
  • The implementation of entrance control
  • Techniques in watch keeping and observing
  • Defense techniques
  • (Fire) arm training
  • Drills for quick response units
  • Bomb search
  • Establishing the use of different communication types and procedures for all parties involved
  • Cooperation with other (governmental) parties
  • Specialised military combat tactics and techniques

A.S.S.A.L.T. can perform a full range of security measures, up to and including the provision of (fire) armed security operators, ready to protect your properties by implementing a clear entrance policy and repelling or neutralising hostilities and intruders in accordance with per case designed Rules for the Use of Force, providing protection of all your interests in the best possible way.

In combination with residence security services our company can provide you with low and high profile Elite Bodyguard Protection.


  •  On your demand we can deliver almost all high-end defence products, including design & architecture, sales support, logistical support and company management.



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