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Mobility is a combat multiplier and provides the ability of a weapon system, combat unit or armed force to move towards a military objective. Combat forces with a higher mobility are able to move quicker and further over hostile terrain, than forces with lower mobility. A highly mobile unit can use its mobility in its advancement and engage even stronger, less mobile.

* A.S.S.A.L.T. can help to select the right equipment and supply systems for both tactical and operational mobility, like wheeled vehicles, wheeled armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers (APC), trucks, cargo trailers, water trailers, fuel trailers, flatbeds, aircrafts, ships and boats and unmanned aircraft systems. In this category we list our main line of mobility products.


What if the product you need is not in our store?

On your request we will work to find the items meeting your requirements and means. We are more than happy to assist you in finding a tailored solution. We can offer you a ‘total package’ of all the required products and training services.

* Please mind that our prices are among the lowest on the marked and our service is unmatched.


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