Code of Conduct & Business Ethics Policy

A.S.S.A.L.T. feels passion for reaching the highest standard of professionalism in the execution of global special security services and aim to satisfy our customers through our performance and conduct.

We will execute a fair, courteous and respectful approach to all individuals in the course of our business practices. Our company will adhere to all relevant national and international laws.
We will respect the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These include The Convention of Geneva, The Convention Against Torture, The Right Of Freedom of Expression, The Right of Association and Peaceful Assembly and The Right On Protection Against Arbitrary Of Unlawful Interference Or Deprivation Of Property.
We will always respect the local population and their culture.
We will support international and local efforts to combat and eliminate corruption and financial crimes.

Our specialists will work in accordance with the applicable safety and health regulations and will promote these regulations when necessary to all those present, in order to prevent personal injuries and damage to property, transport, cargo or the environment.

For operational- and personal safety, our personnel is not allowed to execute a security operation while using prescribed drugs and are consequently obliged to inform our company about the use in this regard.
The presence of traces of illegal drugs and alcohol in the body is forbidden at all times during the performance of work for our company.
Unannounced alcohol- and drug tests can be taken before and during employment.
Personnel in possession or dealing with unlawful drugs will directly be reported to the local police.

To prevent disrepute and disclosure of confidential information about our company, business customers, employees, agents, supplier companies and any other business associates, our company does not allow (former) personnel to use any social media tools, concerning all our business interests, without our company’s written approval.

A.S.S.A.L.T. will keep company data records and personnel service records for a minimum of seven years. Our personnel will have access to their own files on request.
Access to files is granted to competent authorities on request, except where prohibited by law and / or contract.

When a member of our personnel is witness to or victim of any crime or under suspicion of crime, our company will report this immediately to the relevant authorities. Our company and personnel will cooperate fully with all competent investigative authorities and will share all relevant information.

When misconduct of our personnel has been proven and sanctions by competent authorities have been taken, our company will make a publication on our website, respecting national security-, privacy- and commercial confidentially requirements.



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