About Us

“Originum Traxisse Pulcherrime Elite”

Experts in protection at the most demanding level


  • CEO

    Company owner / founder

    Our director started his security career after joining the Elite Forces. After his army time he took cases, organised them and took part himself dealing special assignments in the field of "Special Protection Projects". Feeling passionate about providing all-round security services and products at the most demaning level and being an entrepreneur, he formed A.S.S.A.L.T. B.V.



    ASSALT operators have positively tuned and tidy personalities which helps them in performing their professional skills as best as possible and with satisfaction. Obviously, the career requirements are always met. Through this combination, they can get the best out of themselves and translate it into actions that our customers highly appreciate.

Our Vision

Being known and respected for our diversity and expertise in worldwide special security services and for our supply service of high-end defence products.

Our Mission

Using our extensive international network of elite military & special security experts and high-level (former) defence members, offering you the leading defence tactics, the most appropriate up-to-date security equipment and top-end consultancy services.

Our Goals

Organize, execute and safely finish special security assignments with satisfied clients who will find our company again when needed and who will recommend our company to others.

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